Our Strategies


JPB pursues funding that is highly strategic; we work with non-profits and other funders to collaborate, coordinate, and leverage resources to achieve the maximum impact in the areas we focus on. As such, JPB utilizes the following strategies to guide our grantmaking:


Support research and dissemination


JPB funds research that fills gaps and addresses targeted needs and barriers in the understanding of issue areas. We focus on applied research that looks at how to address these needs and barriers through program implementation, we fund studies to identify proven and evidence-based practices through program demonstration, and we use cost-benefit analysis to identify cost effective interventions and the overall savings produced for the system. We are particularly interested in the dissemination of the research we fund as we believe there is no point in funding research that sits on a shelf; a component of every research project we work on is a clear and robust dissemination plan for the research results.


Identify causes and magnitude of barriers and evaluate and translate promising practices


JPB supports work that targets the most salient needs and barriers of a particular issue by translating evidence-based research into on-the-ground, proven interventions that provide measurable results for our target populations.


Scale high quality, promising and proven services


Recognizing the widespread incidence and deep impact of the issues we focus on, JPB realizes that no intervention or service will be able to have an impact unless it is scaled up and delivered to a larger number of people and communities. We work to expand evidence-based programs in a manner that ensures fidelity to the proven principles of the intervention while being conscientious of the idiosyncrasies of communities and populations in order to have the most significant impact.


Build capacity of organizations and fields


JPB provides information and resources to organizations to build their long-term infrastructure and capacity so that they can more effectively create change. We work to ensure the sustainability of organizations we believe in, investing in foundational underpinnings such as business plans or strategic plans if appropriate. Where possible, we try to work through intermediaries who can provide technical assistance, information, and resources to reach local organizations that we would not be able to reach working alone. JPB also supports collaborations among funders and practitioners to share knowledge and coordinate approaches; we believe this approach builds the capacity of the field and allows funders to allocate resources to areas of greatest need and impact.

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