The JPB Mission

To advance opportunity in the United States through transformational initiatives that empower those living in poverty, enrich and sustain our environment, and enable pioneering medical research.

Our Story

The JPB Foundation, created in 2011 with an endowment bequeathed by Jeffry M. Picower, and led by Barbara Picower as President and Chair, sustains the philanthropic spirit that animated Jeffry and Barbara’s history of giving.

In its first several years, JPB established its three core Programs – Poverty, Environment, and Medical Research. JPB worked with a lean staff, consultants, and high-level Advisory Committees in each of its three program areas, composed of distinguished experts from a variety of disciplines within program area. The Advisory Committees counseled JPB on strategies for achieving impact.

JPB now supports a portfolio of nationally recognized and emerging organizations.  To provide vital guidance to JPB’s leadership as the Foundation implements, evaluates and expands its programs, in 2018 JPB invited national experts to a new joint Advisory Committee for the Poverty and Environment Programs.

Our Approach

Building on the successes of The Picower Foundation, JPB remains faithful to Jeffry and Barbara’s longstanding goal to have as large an impact as possible on pressing societal problems in the US. Toward this end, The JPB Foundation directs its giving to three program areas— promoting opportunities for people in poverty, advancing medical research, and enabling a healthy environment—in which, through sustained focus over time, it can make a significant difference.

Guided by our values, JPB utilizes the following to steer our grantmaking:

  • Building agency. Raising the voices and power of communities most impacted to identify needs and resources, mobilize, and formulate solutions.
  • Promoting justice. Advancing and defending the rights of people and communities to enable access to opportunities.
  • Generating public will. Educating audiences to shift narratives and raise awareness of needs and solutions.
  • Supporting research. Originating and distributing research and knowledge to inform stakeholders’ actions.
  • Scaling and replicating. Developing effective programs with high potential to expand impact.
  • Field Strengthening. Supporting diverse leaders, organizations and sectors to grow a healthy progressive infrastructure.
  • Encouraging collaboration. Fostering connectivity across organizations to effect systems change on a grander scale.

Through its Board of Directors, Advisory Committees, President and Chair Barbara Picower, and dedicated staff, The JPB Foundation works to honor the great philanthropic ambitions of its benefactor, Jeffry M. Picower today and for the future.

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