Medical Research
Our Mission

To advance opportunity in the United States through transformational initiatives that empower those living in poverty, enrich and sustain our environment, and enable pioneering medical research.

Program Areas


We promote opportunities for people to move and stay out of poverty by supporting work in the areas of health equity, democracy, and economic justice

Medical Research

Through an innovative collaborative model, we support the medical research of world-class scientists investigating chronic diseases from multiple perspectives. We also support brain research on learning and memory, particularly by studying the mechanisms that contribute to neurological dysfunction.


We focus on enabling healthy and resilient communities by funding initiatives that address energy, environmental health, green infrastructure and field strengthening.

Our Values


We operate through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion and we endeavor to understand the views of all.


We bet on visionary leaders who can build strong organizations for the long term. We cultivate solid relationships with those leaders and strive to help them grow.


We have high standards for our own performance, as well as that of our grantees.


We support initiatives that aim to create enduring and significant changes, often on a large scale.


Through productive partnerships and collaborative grantmaking, we believe that we can achieve an impact far greater than we could acting alone.


We believe that prevention is more meaningful than remediation.

The JPB Foundation carefully selects the organizations from which we solicit grant applications. Therefore, we do not accept unsolicited proposals. The Foundation does not fund attempts to influence legislation or other types of advocacy, and exclusively supports U.S.-based grantees.

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