Democracy, Gender, and Racial Justice 
Community and Worker Power
Movement Infrastructure and Explorations 
Faith, Bridging, and Belonging
Reproductive Justice, Medical Research, and NYC Community Grants
Our Mission

The JPB Foundation helps people who have been denied power to build it, so they can change unjust systems and create a more democratic, inclusive, and sustainable society. All Program Areas ›

Program Areas

Democracy, Gender, and Racial Justice 

We support the fight to expand multi-racial democracy by protecting and strengthening basic democratic institutions – like the rights to vote and to protest – and finding innovative ways to combat authoritarianism and its assaults on the rights of people of color, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ+ people.

Community and Worker Power

We support community organizing in various forms, including a particular focus on multi-issue, mass organizations and across issues like climate justice, economic justice, and more. With an emphasis on building and sustaining worker power, we focus explicitly on the craft of organizing to help groups we support engage people at scale and in new, innovative ways.

Movement Infrastructure and Explorations 

Recognizing that social change depends on strong movement infrastructure, we invest in groups that nurture diverse leadership and in visionaries who develop new ideas and frameworks to address the daunting challenges of our time. We also seek to harness tools and technology of the future so that movement groups remain at the cutting edge of developments that can help advance social justice.

Faith, Bridging, and Belonging

We are building an orientation to a “bigger we” by supporting organizations that are taking novel, creative approaches to organizing, for example, in rural areas and among other populations too-often ignored. That focus also includes faith- and spirituality-based organizations that are fighting for the soul and spirit of our nation.

Our Values


We operate through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion and we endeavor to understand the views of all.  


We bet on visionary leaders who can build strong organizations for the long term. We cultivate solid relationships with those leaders and strive to help them grow.


We have high standards for our own performance, as well as that of our grantees.


We support initiatives that aim to create enduring and significant changes, often on a large scale.


Through productive partnerships and collaborative grantmaking, we believe that we can achieve an impact far greater than we could acting alone.


We believe that prevention is more meaningful than remediation.

The JPB Foundation carefully selects the organizations from which we solicit grant applications. Therefore, we do not accept unsolicited proposals. The Foundation does not fund attempts to influence legislation and exclusively supports U.S.-based grantees.

The JPB Foundation