We take a disciplined, evidence-based approach to our work. We make decisions based on relevant data and rigorous analysis, as well as on our own experience. We solicit external input, and we listen carefully to feedback. We regularly test our assumptions and challenge our thinking. We measure our progress against well-articulated goals, and we hold ourselves and our grantees accountable for results.


We support initiatives that create meaningful changes, often on a large scale. To accomplish this, we make substantial investments and take intelligent risks. We understand that changes of this magnitude are not accomplished overnight, and that they require patience and perseverance.


We work closely with grantees, other funders, and government entities to generate ideas, build broad constituencies, and increase the amount of money available to support common goals. Through collaboration and leveraged opportunities, we can achieve an impact that is greater than going it alone.


The JPB Foundation’s Poverty program area seeks to lower the barriers to opportunity frequently experienced by individuals born into economically disadvantaged communities. Those barriers, such as disproportionate burdens of chronic disease, limited access to reproductive healthcare, fewer opportunities for civic engagement, or insufficient English-language skills, often have long-term ramifications that keep individuals trapped in a cycle of poverty. The JPB Foundation’s grants in this program area aim to remove the root causes of disadvantages experienced by those in poverty, allowing individuals, families, and their wider communities to thrive.

A theme across all program areas is our intent to protect, enhance, and advance the human and civil rights of individuals.

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