We strive to operate through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion and we endeavor to understand the views of all.


We bet on leaders who can build strong organizations for the long term. We cultivate strong relationships with those leaders and strive to help them grow.


We support initiatives that create meaningful changes, often on a large scale.  We understand that changes of this magnitude are nit accomplished overnight; they require patience and perseverance.


We recognize that big ideas are needed to solve big problems. We are willing to forge new paths in service of our mission, make substantial investments, and take intelligent risks.  We then measure progress to test out assumptions and make mid-course corrections.


We work closely with grantees and other other funders, and respond nimbly to identified needs. We incorporate advice from field leaders to generate ideas, build broader constituencies for change, and increase the resources available to support common goals for systemic reform. We foster collaborations among grantees when appropriate, as rarely can widespread change happen by virtue of the actions of one organization.


We believe that prevention is a more powerful force for change than remediation. We support organizations that work to address root causes.

A theme across all program areas is our intent to protect, enhance, and advance the human and civil rights of individuals.

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